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Frequently Asked Questions


What is BLOQSY?

BLOQSY is an opportunity for friends and family to come together online in the celebration of each other. Gifting options, along with excitement and intrigue, provided by BLOQSY’s unique method of anticipation, makes for a truly enjoyable experience.

What does BLOQSY? mean?

BLOQSY is a shortcut word for Block Party. It's where friends from different circles celebrate together.

Do I need to upload an image or a video?

It's not required that you load an image or video. This option is there for you to personalize your gift and make it special and unique.

Why don't I see dollar amounts when giving others gifts?

You should be able to see dollar amounts given on your preview as well as you Event Manager.

Can anyone else see the dollar amount I've gifted?

The Event recipient is the only person enabled to see the dollar amount by you for their event.

How many characters can I use in my message?

Your gift message allows for 400 characters. There is a counter above the text box informing you of the characters you have remaining in your message as you type.

How many gifts can I receive for each event?

There is no limit to the amount of gifts you can receive for an event.

Do I need to log into Facebook every time to use your service?

Yes. You log into Facebook each time you visit BLOQSY.com. This step allows us to verify your identity, project your circle of friends, as well as enable the many features that BLOQSY has available for your enjoyment.

Can anybody create an event for someone or give a gift to anybody?

No. You can only create an event and give gifts to those who have already friended you on Facebook. BLOQSY is about relationships and we protect your privacy and respect your circle of friends.

Who can see my gift?

The gift recipient is the only person who can open and view your gift. It is up to the gift recipient to SHARE whichever gifts they receive with their friends on Facebook.

Is there a limit as to how many gifts I can give to an event?

No. You can give as many gifts to an event as often as you like.

Can I edit my personalized message?

You can edit your personalized message during the gift creation process. While in PREVIEW, click EDIT. This will take you back to the CREATE YOUR GIFT screen. Make the changes to your message there. You cannot edit your personalized message once it's been sent.

Can I send a gift without including a dollar amount?

Yes, you can. You are never required to include a dollar amount with your gift. You can send a message by itself or include an optional image or video clip.

What is the time deadline for redeeming gifts?

There is no deadline for redeeming your gifts. Take your sweet time! If there is a dollar value attached to a gift, the funds never expire!

Do the funds attached to a gift have an expiration date?

No. The funds attached to your gifts never expire.

What is the time deadline for opening gifts?

There is no deadline for opening your gifts. They don't expire. Take your sweet time! If there is a dollar value attached to a gift, the funds never expire!

How does the recipient know I've given a gift?

There are a few ways the gift recipient knows who has given them a gift. They can be notified via an email, a Facebook wall post, a Facebook comment and always, the appearance of their profile pic located on their event theme page.

How does the recipient know I've created an event for them?

The recipient receives a Facebook notification as a post on their wall to let them know you've created an event for him/her.

Can I delete a gift after sending it to someone's event?

Sorry. There are no take-back gifts for a BLOQSY event.

How can I keep my gift private?

You can keep your gift private by clicking on the DON'T POST ON WALL check box located next to your friend's profile picture located on the FIND YOUR FRIEND SCREEN.

How do I open my gifts?

You can enjoy the fun of opening your gifts once your Event Timer has reached zero. To open your gifts, click on your friend's image below your event image. Each click will produce that friend's gift which they've created for you.

Can my gifts be redeemed for cash?

No. BLOQSY gifts cannot be redeemed for cash. The dollar value is redeemable towards available retailers on the BLOQSY site.

Which image formats does BLOQSY support?

We support the following image formats for you to attach to gifts: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP. The best resolution to use is 1,600 pixels wide by 1,200 pixels high.

Which video formats does BLOQSY support?

We support the following video formats for you to attach to gifts: MOV, MP4, MPEG, AVI. The maximum file size is 50 MB.

What is the maximum image size I can attach to a gift?

The maximum image size is 1,600 pixels wide by 1,200 pixels high.

What is the maximum video size I can attach to a gift?

The maximum video size is 50 MB.

Can I Facebook share my gifts?

Absolutely. There is a SHARE button located on each gift you receive. Click the SHARE button and then select the options you prefer.

Does BLOQSY save my gifts?

Absolutely. Your gifts remain in your EVENT in our system for you to revisit at a later date as often as you'd like.

Can I create an event for myself?

Whoa, partner! No. A Facebook friend must create an event for you. So, you better start dropping those hints soon!

Can I create a custom event?

No, not yet. We've done a pretty good job of covering all sorts of events with our templates. If you have an idea for an event that we might have missed, please send us an email to custsvc@bloqsy.com.

Can I participate in a group event?

Yes. BLOQSY provides you with an opportunity to Invite Friends to the event you are participating in. You can add a group topic in your message involving all of the friends you select to receive your message. Simply request that they each mention the group’s goal as part of their Gift Message.

How do my friends see my gifts after I open them?

Each of your gifts has a share button. Click on it to create a message you would like to send out with it. BLOQSY does not make dollar amounts public when you share your gifts. That stays private between you and the gift giver.

Are there any privacy controls regarding my gifts?

You are the only one that can open your gifts. You are also in control of keeping your gifts private or whether you decide to share them.

Do you accept payments outside of the United States?

No, our system is currently setup to receive payments from within the United States and it's territories, including military APO addresses. We only accept US currency.

Do I have to have a PayPal account to give a monetary gift?

No, you do not need a PayPal account. In addition to PayPal, we also accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

Why can't I see the dollar amount of a gift I've given?

BLOQSY respects the privacy of the gift giver. We never publicly display the dollar amount given in a gift. It is one part of the gift, which remains private between the gift giver and the recipient. You can see the value of the gift you gave in your Event Manager by clicking on EVENTS in the top navigation bar.

Can gifts be given after an event timer reaches zero?

Yes. The timer only determines when the recipient can begin opening the gifts. You can continue to add gifts even after the timer has expired and reaches zero.

How do I keep track of the total gifts I've given?

Your Event Manager has all of your BLOQSY event information. You can easily get there by clicking on Events in the top navigation bar of the BLOQSY website.

What happens to the gifts while the timer is counting down?

When an event is created and a gift is given that has money attached to it, the funds are deposited into our account and reserved for the recipient until the event date arrives. This is what sets us apart for other gifting sites in that we create anticipation and excitement for the arrival of the event date. When the event arrives, an email is sent to the recipient, congratulating them on their event with al ink to their account and redemption instructions.

What if I want to send more than $500 for my gift?

Although BLOQSY has a $500 limit for each gift, there is no limit as to how many gifts you can create for each event. This enables you to give multiple gifts with a variable amount in each gift if you wish.

Can the event countdown timer be accelerated or reset?

The event countdown timer is based on the event date (e.g. birthday, anniversary) of the recipient. The timer cannot be accelerated or reset. Once the event date arrives, the recipient will be able to open all gifts attached to the event.

Can I thank the person that gave me a gift?

Yes. Absolutely! Everyone enjoys a pat on the back for a job well done! Gift giving is no exception. You can use the Share feature on the opened gift to show your appreciation and even include a personal touch as well!

What if I want a refund?

Refunds can only be issues on gifts that have not yet been redeemed by the recipient. Once a redemption code has been issued to the recipient, we will not be able to issue a credit. If the redemption code has yout yet been issued, you will receive a credit to your original funding source. Please contact custsvc@bloqsy.com for refund requests.

Are there any additional fees?

The only fee we have is a $.99 fee, which covers our overhead costs of dealing with Amazon Gift Cards.

Who creates the countdown timer?

The event countdown timer is created by the first person that creates the event and attaches a gift. There is no way to just create an event without adding a gift. A gift can be an image or video attachment and/or an optional dollar value as well.