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It’s fun and easy to participate in Bloqsy.

Step 1

Select Your Facebook Friend

Simply select the friend you wish to send a gift to from the upcoming events list or type in their name and hit the GO button. You can then choose the event type you wish to celebrate.

Now, just click on the CREATE GIFT button and you are on your way to the next step!

Step 2

Create Event

If you're the first to add a gift, you'll have the honor of building the event. Don't worry - you won't need a degree in engineering... It's as simple as selecting your favorite theme image from a list of layouts.  We'll do the rest to create an awesome place where everyone can celebrate your friend.

Step 3

Create the BLOQSY Gift

Your gift is a personal message that will not be revealed until the day of the event. Simply type a message, add a personal photo, and a video. This is a great place to create something special for your friend to enjoy.

Step 4

Add Money to the BLOQSY Gift

You can add money to your Bloqsy Gift through a safe and secure process. It's a cool way to provide even more excitement to the memorable moment when the gift is opened. Bloqsy Gift Money is redeemable at Amazon.

Step 5

A Preview of Your Gift

This the gift as it will appear to your friend with all the bells and whistles. You'll notice after they open your gift they will have the ability to share it and thank you for your thoughtfulness. Don't worry the money amount will be kept private. Only the picture, video, and message become public.

Step 6

Submit and You’re Done

Yup, it's really that simple. Just click Send Gift and your newly created BLOQSY Gift will be sent to your friends event. You will automatically go to the event too, where you can view your image by clicking the SEE FRIENDS button. Everyone else who have contributed will also appear in the SEE FRIENDS section.

Viewing the countdown page below let's you see an example of an event.Friends who have participated in the event will have their profile pics appear at the bottom of the screen.

Create an event today and show your friends how much they mean to you.